Here are a few sound samples of my playing:

Rosemary's sister
Ukulele (6 string). The newest addition to my little collection, "Hamster" is a 6 string ukulele (also called a "guitalele") created by the Yamaha Corporation (hence "Hammy the Yammy"), which I promptly electrified. Will post pictures of the process soon.
Ashokan Farewell
Mandolin with guitar backing. This haunting tune was written by Jay Ungar to commemorate the end of a fiddle camp - it became the theme tune for the TV series about the american civil war.
Fiddle version with guitar backing.
One Seventy Four
Mandolin with guitar and whistle backing. This is one of many tunes written by Turlough OCarolan, the "last Irish Bard".For reasons beyond all understanding, this wonderful tune has only a number for its name, was found in an appendix of his tunes, and has hardly been recorded by anybody. I have "collected" it from the playing of David Hansen.
A simple Spanish folk tune
fingerstyle guitar. Probably one of the very first things I will teach the budding guitarist!
Hector the Hero
Fiddle and fingerstyle guitar. Although it sounds in places like there are 2 violins playing, it is in fact only one. The technique is called "double-stopping" and involves bowing two strings simultaneously. What's the difference between a fiddle and a violin? It's a fiddle if you are buying it and a violin if you are selling!
Women of Ireland
High whistle and fingerstyle guitar
The Coolin - ("Whispering Wind")
High & low whistle plus fingerstyle guitar
We remember you well
vocal and fingerstyle guitar
Layla (extract)
Electric guitar This is one from the archives - inspired by the playing of Eric Clapton
Blue Peter (extract)
Electric guitar This is another from the archives - inspired by the playing of Mike Oldfield
Stairway to Heaven (extract)
Electric guitar No collection of rock guitar samples would be complete without stairway! This is another from the archives - inspired by the playing of Jimmy Page


Electric guitar One to chill out to! This is also from the archives (a series of recordings I made about 20 years ago) - inspired by the playing of Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac)


.(All Vocals, backing vocals, guitars, mandolin, ukulele, guitalele, fiddle, whistles, arrangements and recordings - Col Pike.   Stairway, Layla and blue peter use midi files for backing instruments)



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