My Stringed Instruments (some of them, anyway!


Back row, from Left to right:

Felix - A Tokai Goldstar Strat. Now a collectors' item, he is my oldest guitar. Fender took Tokai to court over this guitar because touring musicians started taking these guitars on tour with them instead of the more expensive Fender originals.

Ian - Almost as old as Felix he is a thin-bodied, nylon-stringed, semi-acoustic, hand-made guitar from Gianini in Brazil. He has been my main go to guitar for the last 15 years or so because he is so light and comfortable to play, especially on those extended 5 and 6 hour gigs we kept finding ourselves playing!.

Ben - A semi acoustic, steel-strung from the Ibanez "Exotic Wood" range. Perfect for when I want to move away from the nylon sound.

Nelson Mandolin - An electric mandolin. The neat thing about a mandolin is that if you can already play guitar and fiddle, it's like a free instrument. Frets like a guitar but same tuning as a fiddle.

Hamster - my newest. He is a 6 string ukulele (guitalele) which I've just electrified. Listen to Rosemary's sister on my demo page to hear how he sounds.

Yet to be named (but I'm thinking "Genghis" - ruler of the universe) - a soprano ukulele. Made from ABS plastic and a spruce top, he really is quite something!

Front Row:

Igor - my main fiddle. He hails from Transylvania (I half expected him to arrive in a tiny coffin in a carriage pulled by black horses!) He stars in "hector the hero" on my demos page.

Sid - my aesthetics fiddle. He needs work to be playable but he looks great in photos!