Getting kids sufficiently motivated to practice regularly is very difficult. For this, I need your help in actively encouraging your child:

  • Even if only 5-10 minutes a day is all they can find it will help. If they're watching tv for example, they could play a bit during the commercials. You'd be amazed what a difference it makes!
  • Keeping the instrument easily accessible (not in its case) is an important part, but don't leave it where it can be stood on, sat on, or eaten by the dog! For example - a cable tie is an easy way of hanging a fiddle on a wall.
  • Please use encouragements and rewards rather than threats and punishments! (It's sad that I even have to mention that.)
  • Don't make them perform (eg to your family/friends) until they feel comfortable doing so. Between being terrified of my piano teacher and dreading my parents' dinner parties for fear of the inevitable "play something, Colin" I'm amazed I still like playing music at all!